Welcome to the Historic Fire Engine Association


The Historic Fire Engine Association is made up of a group of people with an interest in the restoration and preservation of old fire engines and associated equipment. Many of our members are firefighters - current and retired. It is our desire to see old fire appliances restored to the glory they once proudly possessed.


Our Association meets on a regular basis and endeavours to get out and about in our old appliances whenever we can.


Feedback on our website is always welcome.


We always welcome New Members to the HFEA and look forward to interested people taking out membership.


The Historic Fire Engine Association of Australia was formed in 1969 by a small group of enthusiasts determined to preserve the large numbers of pre World War II fire appliances then being withdrawn from service by the New South Wales Fire Brigades. The Association was instrumental in the foundation of the NSW Fire Service Museum and, over the years, has helped to locate, preserve and restore many fine fire appliances. When the Association became incorporated in early 1995 its name was changed to the Historic Fire Engine Association Incorporated (HFEA).


The HFEA is a group of around 50 owners and enthusiasts of firefighting vehicles and equipment. Membership is open to any individual or organisation with an interest in firefighting vehicles or equipment.




  • to encourage the ownership, preservation and restoration of firefighting vehicles and equipment

  • to collect and disseminate information on all aspects of firefighting equipment

  • to establish a register of firefighting vehicles

  • to hold and participate in rallies, parades, displays and social activities for the mutual benefit of the Association and its members

  • to establish sources of spare parts and technical information


The HFEA operate a financial member-only Facebook page. Meetings of the Historic Fire Engine Association Incorporated are held at various venues around Sydney.


The HFEA is directly associated with the Museum of Fire and enjoys the sponsorship and support from the Museum in many activities, shows and parades. The Museum of Fire is a community Museum and a registered Charity, the members of the HFEA support the Museum activities when possible.  While legally independent the two organisations enjoy a close relationship and support many common goals. A Number of Executives, Staff and volunteers of the Museum of Fire are members of the HFEA. The HFEA and Museum of Fire, work closely with Fire & Rescue NSW.



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